Fear of the Mooc

What is it about Moocs that creates fear, is it the lack of understanding, the rationale to give things away for free, the unknown elements of open access, the fear that our flwas will be screened to the public, that we will be in some way responsible to the public. Shouldn’t we be responsible to the public and in some way developing social engagement to better not only our students but the public well being, how can we work together and how does IP become an issue?

I need to devise different ways to create extended communities between campus and open access to develop courses, maybe not using the word Mooc but as is suggested extended engagement. How can these courses help to strengthen our public profile and access to those in the local area, for support and development, to increase the profile of the university and get students and members of the public to work and contribute to each other in the development of teaching and learning?


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