WordPress and Mooc

I am now hosting a WordPress site for my Mooc. It’s great, I can organise the theme and pick widgets to use, now for the design. What are the main things I need to cover? Am I using this to connect my class or connect others? If I get the Manchester course together quickly then I could publish the last few weeks on there using the resources I already have. I could then get a small group from Manchester to test this.

I need to develop it quickly and see what I can do with it next term.

This pushes the research in a new direction, the question of who owns knowledge, but also the quality of it. If I can set up a Mooc, then anyone can. What’s to say that the quality is always there, I know that producing my own resources there are things I forget to put in, or there isn’t enough time, or the students don’t use all the resources. This means the context might change?

This takes me to some of my early research, about putting research out there and seeing what comes back. If I develop the Manchester course and provide a number of links I can see how people engage with the materials and learn from those inside and outside of class. This is what I originally wanted to do, but this has changed a little. It might be worth putting the term into two sections, to develop these ideas more to see how they learn internally and externally?

I now need to develop the Mooc, I need to get the links int here to the resources, and links for discussion and debate on each resource, including a quiz.

I’ll need to use docs, Twitter, Facebook, Disqus and some sort of learning management.




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