How do I know they are doing the work?

This is the question over the last week. Is this about engagement with the resources, engagement with technology, engagement with my practice or just engagement in education.

Part of the problem exists in class and making sure the resources are complete, so far they have had the freedom to complete the resources but now I need to make sure they have seen them. With regard to the worksheet, this needs to work with the resources and the quiz and is brought into class to use as a reference to review the resources.

I’m not sure whther I should connect the class to others as it seems I need to connect the class to other sin the class. If the quiz is linked as a class project would this work, could they do the quiz together and create debates around it? Is there another way to produce the quiz that adds comments and has a live feed.

Also, do I need to introduce Google?

Wher eis the focus, how does this use space in technology, what are the digital spaces they work and produce in, how are these used?


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