Getting Comments

I’ve added a way to get more comments, I’ve embedded the quiz into the filmmaking resources and a Survey into the Manchester and Filmmaking. I’ve also got a new audio recorder to quickly get resources online.

I need to figure out a way to get more comments from the students. The quiz seems to work well as the results clearly tell me who has and hasn’t used the resources. I can use the questions and the comments in class. In the next few weeks I need to develop the quiz more to deal with problems and issues and figure out a way to review the questions and keywords to find the areas that need the most additional information.

I do need to set up a focus group with the year 1 and year 3 students to get details. I also need to start to develop the questions about the resources and where they are used. The most interesting thing that has come from the survey is that nearly all use them on a computer, I really need to check how many of them own laptops and how much do they use them.

I’m also getting the feeling I need to know a lot more and really specialise in something, especially OER and Moocs. I need to do more research and develop some paper, I just need to figure out what I’m doing first. I need to keep the focus of space and learning spaces, how we can improve campus experiences by extending the campus into a global campus through connectivity, although I’m not sure if the students want to connect. A big part of this is how they engage and if they engage at all?

I need to start developing research and leaving comments here. I also need to make a list of about 25 authors who will be key to this study, therefore it needs a focus.

I also need to pay more attention to what’s happening in Moodle and sort out a date to run the Moocs course.


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