Filmmaking Week 5

This week’s filmmaking resources have gone out, a little late and I had to get up at 3am to add content to YouTube and again at 8am when two clips didn’t upload.

Anyway, this weeks resources include Twitter and Facebook Like and Share so hopefully they will get a wider circulation. All the external links for the resources I have used a URL from Bitly, so I can keep track on who clicks on the resources from the Facebook page, in addition to who accesses it from the Facebook page.

I have included a quiz, this is excellent and I produced it on Google forms, the quiz asks a number of questions about the information in the resources. the plan is to analyse the results in class and find where students might have a problem or don’t understand, this was one of the original ideas for this resource and it is good to see it working. Whether people will contribute or not, if not then they will have to complete in class. It gives me the opportunity to get more of them engaged in the resources and to find out what they need help with. Hopefully, this will develop more over the next few weeks.

I have also addedd Creative Commons license and another survey. I will discuss the previous survey in a separate post.

I tried to add Disqus to each resource but only one can exist per page, therefore I will add it to Moodle. It would be great to have a discussion as it would allow more of an interaction online between the group, they have Facebook but don’t use it to discuss resources and only share basic information. A lot of information might be passed within their groups but how to get access to this.

I’m at a position where I’m happy with the resources and how they can be accessed and shared, the only concern is getting the students to engage with them more and connect to wider conversations, Where are these conversations, are they there, how to access them, how to get students to access them?

I feel that the resources help to enhance the campus experience by making the most of class time and putting us all on a similar level when attending class. However, this could be better as it is a closed environment, how can we get out of the campus and have the ability to access other resources and information, to engage in a conversation with it? The answer seems to be Moocs, but how can what I’m doing provide an alternative model? Does it need a course exchange area, or a place to discuss using resources?

With regard to the resources, it might be worth trying to get resources out to get others to use them and see if they work?

The problem is still enagagement, and I am now starting to question whether technology is the way forward or does it conceal something else, is this the students or the teachers, or both?

Some interesting questions are coming out of this, that is student engagement. How do they engage with technology and do they want to engage with technology. A lot of the time it feels as they don’t care, how do we get, even those that don’t care to engage? Is technology the answer, it seems like it could be a solution, but wider questions need to be asked about access to resources, use of resources, quality of teaching and quality of course content. Additionally, it might be asking what types of students and profiling them? Maybe look at ages, where they are from and course records, how much have they engaged with the course previously?

To support this I need further research to view case studies of flipped learning and results, technology and learning, Moocs and student enagagement. I could also do with finding some study on how people have connected their classes. This needs to be a natural process rather than a forced one.

It might need a redesign of the resources to be more like a page.


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