In an attempt to share my flipped work and explore what research comes back I have set my Manchester course up to share all the documents and files. Previously, these wee just contained on Moodle to the student group. To improve these resources I have put a number of links in to see how and when they are accessed and how they connect outside of the course and how the students can develop around this, however, it may take some time.


I have packaged the video lectures with the Soundcloud files from each lecture into a HTML5 file. I have embedded this on Moodle and added a link, additionally, I have posted a copy of the links to the class Facebook. group. In the resources I have added a Twitter share button that, if anyone presses, will present a message on Twitter with the title of the lecture and a link to the resources. Additionally, I have added a link to #manchester, if the resources are shared they can be accessed in this group and shared. I chose Manchester as this is what the course is about, also, it sees to be closed off in Manchester but anyone with an interest in the city will also have access. I am trying to develop more links but this seems the best from the ones tried so far, such as creative and tourist.


I have also added a Facebook Like button for the work to be shared.

I have also attached a creative commons license to each resource, this will help people to find it and share it.

All the links to resources have been made through Bitly, therefore I can view and analyse the amount of clicks and where for each resource.


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