Flipped Learning and Use of Analytics

YouTube analytics are great, they tell me that only a handful of students are watching the materials for this class. YouTube gives details for the amoutn of times the videos are watched, both through YouTube and as embedded files. The average count for any video is 10, this is at odds with a class of 30 who all say they watch it.


How do I engage students more in the process, how to test their learning and make sure they have watched the resources. The use of analytics is excellent, and so far I am able to get data from YouTube and Slid.es wiht regard to views. however, these can be anyone from the public. I have tried to reduce this on YouTube by unlisting all videos, this is a problem as I would like to link them to the public and use a Create Commons license to distribute and see how people use the materials.

My plan is to put a number of different quizzes and tests within the work to complete online to make sure each student completes the work, additionally, I was going to place in a few keywords that students would need in class.

I also plan to send them images of the data.

I plan to use more anlaytics, and for all the links to resources I plan to create links through Bit.ly.

There are two aims for this week


1. How to introduce quizzes and get analytics of who completes these. Other sources such as Captivate would be good for this.

2. How to successfully connect the classroom to other networks and distribute materials in order to develop more quality through public engagement, and with my students.



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