AR and the Possibility of the Flipped Classroom

Through use of AR can we successfully flip the classroom? Part of the problem has been engagement out of the classroom, however, AR offers a a new way to engage and to create a classroom outside of the classroom, a conceptual space that sits between the classroom space and learning. By adding an additional layer to the classroom students are able to work through resources in more interactive ways, accessing information like they would in a classroom setting. Students have the ability to work within the AR experience, watch videos, interact with them, read documents and connect through social media. The options all exist within the AR environment, allowing the students to process the work and bring questions, research and information into the class. Perhaps the perfect combination is an AR link with OER, this is possible but both need more work.

I am experimenting with this on my Manchester Unit, part of the BA(Hons) Film and Media course at MMU. The plan is to get students active and participating in learning outside of class, in small groups and across social networks in and around the city. The course is delivered through AR and the experience of the application and the tasks that they have to complete develop new research, that is brought back into the classroom to discuss and develop into practical projects. The classroom therefore becomes… well, I’m not sure if it is a virtual or a real space? However, it does become a digital space. Additionally, as a management tool through social media analysis and information on the participation of those accessing the app it is easy to see who is and who isn’t engaging with the course.


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