How to create a new model for teaching for Moocs?

I asked the question ‘Do Moocs follow a didactic model of teaching?’ at #moocs on Twitter, as yet I’m to hear a response. However, I pose this question to try and open up debates around teaching and learning and models of how we develop this. With the potential of Moocs and the ability to collaborate are some educators simply dropping classroom based courses and models of teaching into digital spaces and just expecting the to fit? The didactic classroom practice of most traditional HE courses seems to be transferred to Moocs, as course contents and materials are structured and delivered in a way that replicates traditional classroom settings. Moocs can give us more and perhaps we should be thinking about course structure and design, the way we teach, what we teach and even the courses and subjects we teach? This is open for debate and I look forward to hearing and recording responses here.


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